Saturday, July 29, 2017

Holiday Blog Post

My Holiday Blog Post😃

Hello✋ and welcome back to my blog today I will be teling you about my holiday Story.

A couple of weeks ago before the holidays my dad was putting the top part of the roof on his shed and it fell strait down onto the tramp and made a huge hole in it.My mum look on trade me for a new tramp net and she found one in Auckland for only $100 she asked if they could send it to Hastings and they did.

During the holidays it arrived and when she was unfolding the net a Lizard jumped out she lucky grabbed it and put it into a fish tank there was no water tho.I came out and saw it I loved it I looked up little brown new Zealand Lizards and I found out that he was a common Skink. I found out what he eats and gave him them.Also I named him Draco.

Here is a Photo of Draco.🦎

Thanks for reading my Holiday story Bye!!!✋

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Quick write

Hi everyone and Welcome back to my blog .Today I will be sharing my quick write with you here we go.

I wake up In toysRus oh no I am in toysRus oh wait "Yay". So first I run to the crate full of soft giant teddy bears I jump into it and "bounce" I flug back because their were to many bears so I try again and it did not work.So I desied to go to the huge car section and I got the huge limo and drove it to the bears I sat the bears up and “Weee” “oops” I ripped a huge hole in one of the teddies .I run to the corner of the room and I heard someone say “HELP ME” omg I start to freak out ‘omg what do I do this is so scary OMG!!!”.I run to the ball pit and hide in the Balls then I see a person with no arms and harf a face. I want to scream but my mouth is stuck closed like glue.I don't know what he is doing but it looks bad very bad.”TEDDY” “TEDDY WHERE ARE YOU”. Who is teddy I think to myself.

My cars

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog today I will be showing you my dad's cars. They are pretty cool.

Here is the first one it is a Displaying 20160430_151255.jpg

1961 rolls Royce cloud 2.

Here is the second one it is a Displaying 20160430_151455.jpg

1300 Mark 2 Wolsey.

Here is the 3rd car it is a 

1500 VW Beetle.

Displaying 20160430_151318.jpg

Here is the 4th car it is a 

161 Mitzi Gallant.

Displaying 20160430_151238.jpg

Here is the last car It is a 

Xj40 Jaguar.

Displaying 20160430_151233.jpg

Thanks for coming back to my blog see ya next time.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017


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Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I will be blogging about a time I used Interdependence.
I used interdependence yesterday when we had to split up in our group and then come back together.I was doing the art and it was super fun it was pretty normal being in a group of 5.When the art and rap was don we can together to set up how we are going to perform and show the poster but my group would not relay listen to me and cooperate an till a teacher came to help us. In the end we did great sadly we did not win but that is fine.Thanks for coming back to my blog.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Moment in time

This is my Moment in time
Swimming Relays

WALT choose words that describe a moment (in an exciting way) for the reader
  • begins in the action
  • present tense (I am, not I was)
  • some short, sharp sentences; mixed with some longer ones
  • strong verbs
  • uses the senses (look, feel, hear, taste, smell)
  • language features (simile, alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphor)
  • show personality (sounds like you, humour, feelings, exaggeration)

The water is freezing cold!!! It feels like I am in a block of ice.Splash I fall into the Water I run as fast as I can go. my feet feel numb as I run threw the icey cold water.It smells like chlorine chemicals.I get close to the end and I jump out Goosebumps run thery my body I run across and get my towel I can't move it is so cold.All I hear is Cheering people saying go Kea,Go Pokeko,Go tui and the outer houses.It is my turn now I go sit down on the cold concrete and it is a flutter board race I hoped in and put the flutter board in front of me and I kick with my legs.IT IS SO COLD!!!.I get to the end and give the next person the flutter board I sit there the wind blows on me I shiver because it is so cold.

EVERYONE SWAP!! .I go up on the bench again I wrap my towel around myself .GO KEA!!! I feel cold my toes are numb.the cold air blows my hair left.I hop back on the solid hard ground and sit there while I wait for my turn.I put my goggles on then I plop into the water and grab the spoon and egg and then I run super fast I run as fast as possible my fingers are so cold I give the egg and spoon to the next person then they hop in and go I cheer them on GO KEA YAY!!!

IF YOU WANT TO GET OUT YOU CAN GET OUT AFTER THIS LAST RACE EVERYONE ALSO THERE IS A FREE SWIM IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED!!!The last one is egg and spoon again I look at the water and there are leafs and bugs I look at everyone they are so cold I decided not to do the last one just watch.Once it finished I  went into room 9 to get changed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Waka Wrigting

This is my waka writing

My Waka Writing
This is my waka Art .it has 1 cat and 1 dog because i love animals they represent me because I am a animal lover and they are sooo cute.The blue Koru is me. because I love the color blue the rest of the korus are my family there is my Mum/Silke My dad/Duane And my 3 sisters Pippa,Katie and renae.There is a iceblock because I love Ice Blocks they are cold,Tasty and Sweet.There is a computer Because I love the internet I am on it 24 7.The music represents songs I love listening to songs my favorite is Lush Life and Rockabye. The bag with a S on it represents shopping.
So this is my Waka Writing.
Here is a picture