Monday, March 16, 2015

week 3 post coments

boing coments is nis to uthers and halping them to do more thing on it and mack thing and dscover mor ting i like sending  coments can mack them put more things on it and very nis thay will do a lot of stuff nowe.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Week Two:swimming

i love swimmg and going under water   . me and mikala and kaydnce  we were petending to memades that can breth under walter like rell mermads can i yose my gogls so i can see under water   so tims i play with monca and we uoshly swimme  in the water . I also like the hot pools because  it is very wame and hot in the walter with alot of peple i there.i dont lick the sea because it is to sandy and you get sand in your pants.                                           

Week 4 Book Rpot

My book rpot is adot to men hick ing up a montin. To the tippy top of the peeck.Ten a lot of men came up the montin to gone them thy had to sleep ner the top  of the  montin.thay  sleept in the cold  on snow and with out a fier and wam blancits because  it woud bey to heve to breeing up the monting. they left the tent there and statd hicing up the motin and they mad it to the top of the montin and put up a flag.