Friday, May 29, 2015

Reading Task - Week 6

I am blogging this because I love my task

we are learning to do a reading task for 100 years ago

What was school like 100 years ago?

Use this link to find 8 items and say what they were used for in schools 100 years ago - listen to the audio and look at the picture.

What it was used for - some description about that item
eg. British Empire Map
this map was used for geography lessons - the children had to remember country names and point to them on the map
2. the black board
when you didn't listen to the teacher you got a whack with a cane and after he wipt it of.
3. the big chair
he can see everyone on his chair so if they are boing the wrong thing
4. ink
the ink they have it is easy to smudge
5. the dunkers cap
when you are naughty you have to wear the dunkers cap in shame
6. a winter warmer
at winter they all wanted to sit close to the fire place and were the warmest clothes
7. god save the king
King George 5 and  king edward the 7
8. clean state
they use them to write letters and for writing the pens stuck out ink they wipe the teacher tells  their slavs clen

Thursday, May 28, 2015

week 5 post

bank bed

Friday, May 22, 2015

my letter

Amie Osborne

Room 21B

Parkvale School


23 march 2015

Dear Aaron

I am writing to you to say thank you for being our adult at camp and for lighting our fire and catching the eels. I also want to thank you for letting us hold them and then let them go into the river.  Thank you for helping us at spotlight and hiding with people. We had so much fun with you.

I also loved making the raft with you. It was cool that we made it out of bamboo and Faith had to be carried on it. It was funny how she fell in and you helped us.

I activity that I loved  the most was spotlight. I hid with Miss Plimmer, Kaydence, and Jenny. The next time I was the spotter.          

Thank You so much,

From Amie Osborne

my peach writing

I am blogging this because I love my reading task 

We are leaning to do james and the giant peach connections to our lives

James and
the Giant Peach

The following task is for you to think deeply about. Think about the connections you have made to the story of James and the Giant Peach. It may be the life James had when he lived with his Aunts, or maybe how brave he was when they set off sail on the peach.

I made a connection to the story from the story to myself when… i have seen a worm   

This story reminds me of something I have seen/read/heard before when… i have seen a book with the country america in it

Choose one of these sentences to write - you’re either like James or you’re not

  1. I think that I am like James because…

  1. I think that I am not like James because… i do not have auntys to look after me

Extra for experts
See if you can make a connection to the world in relation to the adventures James and his friends go on :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

my blood story

i am posting this because i want to shear my blood story

we are leaning to write a story about wen we had a time wen we were bleeding

I fell off my bike
‘Lets go’ said my dad we were going on a bike ride around the block.
‘I am not good on my bike’ I said in my head.
So we got our helmets on and went to the drive way to get our bikes and start going down the block.
I started to go with my sister and a car pulled out of a driveway and I got a big fright and I nearly fell off my bike but I didn't so we kept going.
The car came our way and I got a big fright and fell of my bike and grazed my leg  and I cried and cried.
I had to go back inside and it was bleeding so my mum put a sticking plaster on it.
I had to try to stop crying and let it heal.
My dad got my bike and took it in the shed. This is not good I thought to myself ‘not good’.I did not want to go on my bike so I stayed in side. I have been on my bike since then.

Friday, May 08, 2015

i am blogging this because i like the ship that bunt down 
we are leaning to write about the pirate ship
dear editor
Everyone loved the ship. They liked to play and pretend they're good pirates .
The people that burnt it should  rebuild the ship.
Pay too!

It was built in 1967.
I wish i got to see the ship in real life by AMIE.
The pirate ship.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Math Number Line

This is my maths. Miss love gave it to me to do. My group is Tokyo it is a country .
I did it all by my self with no help. My buddy is in my group.
I sat with Emma Monica and Kaydence. My maths was not hard to do it was easy. Well not that easy.
We were learning to....

Finish the sentence and then add the photo