Friday, May 29, 2015

Reading Task - Week 6

I am blogging this because I love my task

we are learning to do a reading task for 100 years ago

What was school like 100 years ago?

Use this link to find 8 items and say what they were used for in schools 100 years ago - listen to the audio and look at the picture.

What it was used for - some description about that item
eg. British Empire Map
this map was used for geography lessons - the children had to remember country names and point to them on the map
2. the black board
when you didn't listen to the teacher you got a whack with a cane and after he wipt it of.
3. the big chair
he can see everyone on his chair so if they are boing the wrong thing
4. ink
the ink they have it is easy to smudge
5. the dunkers cap
when you are naughty you have to wear the dunkers cap in shame
6. a winter warmer
at winter they all wanted to sit close to the fire place and were the warmest clothes
7. god save the king
King George 5 and  king edward the 7
8. clean state
they use them to write letters and for writing the pens stuck out ink they wipe the teacher tells  their slavs clen

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