Friday, May 15, 2015

my blood story

i am posting this because i want to shear my blood story

we are leaning to write a story about wen we had a time wen we were bleeding

I fell off my bike
‘Lets go’ said my dad we were going on a bike ride around the block.
‘I am not good on my bike’ I said in my head.
So we got our helmets on and went to the drive way to get our bikes and start going down the block.
I started to go with my sister and a car pulled out of a driveway and I got a big fright and I nearly fell off my bike but I didn't so we kept going.
The car came our way and I got a big fright and fell of my bike and grazed my leg  and I cried and cried.
I had to go back inside and it was bleeding so my mum put a sticking plaster on it.
I had to try to stop crying and let it heal.
My dad got my bike and took it in the shed. This is not good I thought to myself ‘not good’.I did not want to go on my bike so I stayed in side. I have been on my bike since then.