Friday, May 22, 2015

my peach writing

I am blogging this because I love my reading task 

We are leaning to do james and the giant peach connections to our lives

James and
the Giant Peach

The following task is for you to think deeply about. Think about the connections you have made to the story of James and the Giant Peach. It may be the life James had when he lived with his Aunts, or maybe how brave he was when they set off sail on the peach.

I made a connection to the story from the story to myself when… i have seen a worm   

This story reminds me of something I have seen/read/heard before when… i have seen a book with the country america in it

Choose one of these sentences to write - you’re either like James or you’re not

  1. I think that I am like James because…

  1. I think that I am not like James because… i do not have auntys to look after me

Extra for experts
See if you can make a connection to the world in relation to the adventures James and his friends go on :)

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