Friday, August 28, 2015

Jamie Curry Reading

I am blogging this because I love Jamie Curry's funny videos.
We are learning to make a Jamie curry reading. Jamie Curry Reading Task

Task 1
Read through the two articles we have read so far. Make sure you have highlighted any key points of new learning.
Finish writing your notes onto the Report Organiser.
Take a picture of your report organiser and paste it below.
Task 2- Click on the star and write a fact about Jamie Curry inside.

Monday, August 03, 2015

blog post week 2 my art

We are learning to make an art description
I am blogging this because me and Monica did a lot of work on the art.
            my art

This is made by Amie and Monica.
We spent a long time doing the background was very had.
Monica did the glitter and Amie did the most of the background but some of glitter came of.
The background was hard and the white was the empty spaces and the blue bits was