Monday, September 07, 2015

My art blog post

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I am blogging this because I made this art and it is the best art I did this year.
We am leaning to make a art that we show the whole school.  
This relates to me because I love cats and I love how cute they are.

Art Plan - comparing and contrasting
Art Plan
Name: AMIE osborne
Later in the term, the whole school is taking part in a visual arts exhibition. You will have to make your own piece of visual art.


Success Criteria of the art
  • No larger than A3
  • Must be super high quality (your absolute personal best)
  • Must be a type of visual art
  • Must be aesthetically pleasing (it has to look good)
  • It must challenge you (aim high)

There is an example of how to do Task 2 on the wall.

Task 1
Discuss with your learning buddy about all of the different types of visual art (there are lots!).
Write 3 of them below.

Task 2- Your plan

Please insert a picture of what your completed art will look like. (It will be either: an image from the internet, a google drawing or a rough draft).

Write a list of materials you will need.
coloring in pencils
pencil outline

If a material is not in the classroom, include how you will get it.

Write a list of steps to take.

  1. Dye the background  light blue
  2. Draw the kitten with coloring pencils that are the colour of midnight and the fish dark blue.  
  3. Add in scales with lines.
  4. Cut out the kitten and glue it on to the dye.
  5. Add sparkles as little dots on the background.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I am blogging this because I did a lot of effort in it.
We are leaning to make a graph of whatever we want.
   Wild About Juice

You will need Statistics L3, Revised Edition, P.1 to complete this task.

Statistics: WALT interpret data

For each of the statements the students made, answer this question:

  • Does the data support them? Explain why or not.
1. Orange is the least popular because only five were sold in the week and this lowest by far.

2. Teina is almost right.21 were sold on friday and 41 on thursday. 21 is half of 42 so it very close to only half the sales. so its a fair statement.

3. They sold about 30 juice on monday to wednesday. On tuesday they sold more friday less its average out to about 30.

4. yes orange and mango are the most popular. 57 is easily the most sold.      

5. no Even though 18 wild berry were sold and 6 pineapple were sold we don't know how many people brough which flavor people might have brought.



8. 54  because that is the number that makes the number jone.

Make up four more statements of your own based on the data:

                  animal piker
guinea pig

How many boxes of each flavour should they buy? Explain why you decided this.
  • tropical 2 boxes of 20 because they sold 27 last week
  • wild berry 1 box of 20 because they sold 18 last week
  • orange & mango 5 of 20 because they sold 57 last week
  • pineapple 1 of 20 because they sold 16 last week
  • greenapple 2 of 20 because they sold 27 last week
  • orange 5 of 20 because they sold 5 last week