Thursday, February 11, 2016

my first blog post 2016

I am blogging this because it is the new year and i wanted to say hi and welcome back to my blog.

Hi I am Amie and I am 9 and a year 5 I go to Parkvale school. I have lots of friends I am in Rimu hub.

I have blue eyes and long blond hair and freckles.
My favorite thing to do is play with my friends having sleepovers and going on holidays.
I have 3 cats. the  first cats name is tizzy and crackers and the last ones name is ginger.ginger is a girl.

My favorite thing to do at school is go to camp and swim and wright.
When I was little I went on a long Holiday to Germany with my sis Pippa she is prity annoying and we went to Germany because my mum's mum's dad is very very sick and we also went around the world but not every wear.

I love cats and puppys I like cats because when they go toilet they bery it and they are so cuddly.I love dogs because they love going on walks and they protect you.

By Amie