Thursday, March 31, 2016


I am blogging this because it is my iProud and I am very proud of it.
I am proud of this because it is my letter and I love making letters I made one last year and now I know how to make a camp letter.
My biggest challenge was the spelling.

My Best Learning

This is my camp letter to my parent Angela

Angela Townsend  

Poplar Place

Dear Angela

Thank you for driving us to the park,camp,hot pools,and back to school.

Thank you for driving us to camp because I wouldn't be able to do the river walk and it  was awesome. I went on the walk with Brayden Eva and James, Bella-Marie’s dad.

My favourite part was when we went to Weka and sleep in the dorms. It was fun, we were up for a very long time. Catlin woke me up most of the time and in the morning everyone was awake and Catlin was asleep it was because she was up most of the night.

Thank you Angela for not being angry when we were loud in the car.
Thank you for driving us to the pools, it was so fun I went on the slide and in the deep pool. It was so deep I tried to touch the bottom but it was just too deep. After me and Eva went into the warm pool and swam for like 10 mins and then we went out to have a hotdog and I had 2. But I never went into the spa pool.

You are amazing Angela thanks for driving me from school to the pools and back to school.

Yours Sincerely

Friday, March 18, 2016

my 2 blog post my fave book task

I am blogging this because I am proud of my fave book task.
 we are learning to write about favorite book.

The Ice maiden
Paul Jennings
The ice maiden is my favorite book because it is funny and it is about a boy who had a crush on a statue made of ice. Every month the man who owned the fish shop would chuck the block of ice out and put a new ice statue in. It is a funny book there are many stories in this book but the cool one i am writing about.well if you are reading this check out the book.

                                Amie Osborne

Blog post 3. My new puppy Coco

In march I am getting a puppy named Coco she is a bull terrier. My mum is so exited for the puppy.
The puppy lives in Auckland so we are going up there and going to stay for two nights. On the first day we are going to find the holiday house on the 2nd day we are going to the zoo and on the 3rd day we are picking up coco and then we are going to Rotorua and stay there with coco. Then we will go back home. I am most excited for going to the zoo and not that excited for Coco. Here is a photo of her when she was a baby now she is way bigger.

Displaying received_10205889218936685.jpeg
Displaying received_10205889218936685.jpeg