Tuesday, April 05, 2016

4th blog post

I am blogging this because it is my flag task and it think I did my personal best on it.

Flag Task

New Zealand is in the middle of deciding if we need a new flag or not.

Read this story and decide which flag you think represents our country the best.

Write a justified opinion explaining your view.

Success Criteria
States which flag you like the most
Gives at least 3 reasons to explain your thoughts
Best possible spelling and punctuation
Topic specific vocabulary

*I vote on the new flag because the old one look to much like the Australian flag and the new one has a fern on it and that represents the silverfern.

*the all blacks represent the silver fern and it is on there jersey.

*I think that we should have the new flag because it represents nz more than the other flag the other flag looks like it is representing Australian.

* I like this one more because it has a fern on it.

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