Monday, May 16, 2016

The movies

                                        THE HOLIDAYS

In the holidays me and my family and my cousin went to see ZOOTOPIA  it had such a big line of people at the door, it took 10 mins. It was so cool tho I can't tell you the whole story because it is too long but I can tell you it is amazing.

                    The jungle book
I went to the movies with my cousin, grandma and Pippa to see the jungle book. We went to cinema gold they have such comfy chairs and we all got an ice cream.
I jumped out of my seat when I saw this it was the scariest part.

                                     THE JUNGLE BOOK


  1. Amie that sounds like two great movies. I bet you had great holidays

  2. OMG that is so awesome I love the photos

  3. Wow Amie that sounds like an awesome holiday

  4. wow Amie that is a really cool movie I like a your blog post
    keep the great work up

  5. good work Ami e you have Dane an amazing jod
    I love this peas of whiting and cool looking piches

  6. ha ha ha Amie that is the same as me I did that to