Sunday, June 19, 2016

Blog post

This is my writing blog post
I am blogging this because it is how to care for kittens and I love kittens

Purpose: to INFORM
I am learning how to improve my sentence formation
Success Criteria:
  • Start most of my sentences with different words
  • Include simple and compound sentences*
  • Include some complex sentences**
  • Structure your instructions like the example
  • Start each instruction with a verb (doing word)

Task- Write some instructions that inform someone exactly how to do your topic.

How to care for a kitten.
1.kitten food
3.scratching pole
4.kitty litter toys bed
7.kitten milk bowl

1.You need to buy a kitten and have a nice family for the kitten to love and play with.
2.You need a cat bowl and put the cat food in the bowl so when the kitten is hungry they can go and get something to eat.
3.You need a scratching pole for the kitten to scratch their claws on.
4.Get a bed so when the kitten is tired let them sleep and when they are sleeping don't let kids go near them.
5.Get some toys so when they get bored you can play with them and then they will get happy and not just sleep.

6. Ok when your kitten goes toilet inside don't just let them go toilet everywhere get them kitty litter they will go toilet it there instead.

So when you get a kitten listen to those six things and then your kitten will know.

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