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I am learning about Matariki. This is a task that we did to learn and show our learning. I hope you like it.

Matariki Tasks

Choose 1 of the green literacy tasks.
Choose 1 of the blue art tasks.
Choose 2 of the red inquiry tasks.
Choose 1 more task of any

Task 2: Create your own picture book about Matariki. Make sure it is appropriate for a 6 year old because we will be sharing these with our buddy hub.

Task 3: Write a set of instructions about how to produce something that you made on Matariki day.
On matariki day I made a mori house and this is how to make.
Things you need
Iron,mori house image,thine paper, fabric,sewing needles,and cotton
1.First you need to get some sort of paper and copy a mori house image
2.Get some kind of fabrike any kind you want cut it so then it looks like the house.
3.Then use a hot iron and stick the house down on the fabric.
4.Sew the house on to the fabric and stich it with the needls.
Task 4: Create your own piece of writing inspired by Matariki

Art tasks- Must Do 1 (Task 1 and 2 will have workshops to help you get on track. Please don’t start either of those without the workshop).

Task 1- 3 panelled Matariki Sky art
Success Criteria
Stars fill the page
Stars are in the correct shape
Only pastel is used
Hot and cold colours contrast
Some blending is involved
Correct paper is used

Inquiry tasks- Must Do 2

Task 2
Matariki is often a time for renewal. Set yourself a goal of something you would like to work on over the next year, and at least 3 steps to help you achieve this.
I want to work on this year is my maths I am a bit good not the best I need to work on my division and area and this is how I will
1.I will get home and do area on monday wednesday friday
2.I will do division on tuesday and thursday
3.I will practice every 2 weeks and then I will no them of by heart

Task 7
Try out this quiz. Read the instructions carefully and keep your answer to yourself. Write your answer below.
1.The 5th star
3.7 sisters
13.2 keys that look different
14.kite flying
16.before winter
17.eleven months

Matariki ahunga nui

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