Monday, September 05, 2016

How to play badminton

This is how  to play badminton
I am blogging this because it was the last thing that I had to do before fun day.
 How to play badminton

Things you need
  • Net
  • Court
  • Shuttle cock
  • Badminton racket
  • Someone to play with

How to play
1. Get the net on the court set up .You can have either two or four players on a badminton court.
2.Get racket and make sure both of you get one .One player on each side, or a team of two players on each side.
3.Get someone to throw the shuttle cot into the air and it will start.
3.Here are some moves you can do smash,slice,touch,backhands.
4.You have to hit the shuttle cock with the racket over the net to try to win.
5.Every time you get a point, the game restarts.
6.You can run from side to side when you are in singles to hit the shuttle cock.

How to get a point
You need to get the shuttle cock over the net and make sure the other person does not get it to get a point.

Rules of badminton
Get 2 sets.
Score 21 next one to get 2 more will win.
Cannot hit twice .
Cannot hit once out.

Something's about badminton
1.One-against-one is called singles; two-against-two is called doubles.
2. In doubles, either player can hit the shuttle; you do not have to take it in turns.
3.The scoring system in badminton is quite simple, but it can get confusing in double.
4.In a major tournament, a coin toss is used to decide which side will serve first.
5.Every time you win a rally, you get a point. Starting from zero, the first person to reach 21 points wins the game. In club badminton, this is usually where you stop and choose players for the next game.

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