Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Writing blog post

This is my writing blog post.
I am proud of it because it is about my favorite movie splitting Adam it is funny and cool.
I am blogging this because it is for my literacy blog.

This blog is about my favorite movie splitting Adam.

                 Splitting Adam- Amie

Adam walks into the house with Violet and they see rubbish every where it looked like a bomb went of.”What is going on Adam” said Violet “Nothing there was a party last night” said Adam.Adam walks into the bathroom and sees smart Adam tied up “Humm umm baba” Mumbled smart Adam.”What happened”Said real Adam.He takes of the tape of smarts Adams mouth “Evi,l,l Ada,a,m He d,d,did this” Said Smart Adam “I knew he was bad” Said Adam.I close the door and Violet is standing right there “What took you so long” said Violet “We have to go” Said Adam “Adam go where what is going on” Said Violet.”Fine you might not believe me but there are lots of Adams” “What there is lots of you” said Violet “Yes it sounds crazy but it is real excuse me” said Adam.

Adam walks outside and sees nerd Adam upside down on the baby swing “Adam evil Adam did this help” Said nerd Adam “Are you ok” said Adam “Go get rid of evil Adam Go” Said nerd Adam.Violet is in the house and she saw a finger she touched it and then fun Adam grabbed her hand “Ahh Adam Help” screamed Violet.’What happened” said Adam “Ahhh help please there is a man” Said Violet “It must be dum Adam who has your hand” Said Adam “What help”said Violet “Hear”Adam helps Violet up.”Violet we have to get to the water park”Said Adam “Ok let's go”
To be continued...


  1. Wow Amie!That is really descriptive!I like all the detail you put into you writing.Keep it up! :) :Y