Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Waka Wrigting

This is my waka writing

My Waka Writing
This is my waka Art .it has 1 cat and 1 dog because i love animals they represent me because I am a animal lover and they are sooo cute.The blue Koru is me. because I love the color blue the rest of the korus are my family there is my Mum/Silke My dad/Duane And my 3 sisters Pippa,Katie and renae.There is a iceblock because I love Ice Blocks they are cold,Tasty and Sweet.There is a computer Because I love the internet I am on it 24 7.The music represents songs I love listening to songs my favorite is Lush Life and Rockabye. The bag with a S on it represents shopping.
So this is my Waka Writing.
Here is a picture


  1. Amie Amie Amie the dog is so cool and the cat they are just so so so cool

  2. Amie its so cool and I loved it so much it most have toking you a wiyill ;) :)