Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My cars

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog today I will be showing you my dad's cars. They are pretty cool.

Here is the first one it is a Displaying 20160430_151255.jpg

1961 rolls Royce cloud 2.

Here is the second one it is a Displaying 20160430_151455.jpg

1300 Mark 2 Wolsey.

Here is the 3rd car it is a 

1500 VW Beetle.

Displaying 20160430_151318.jpg

Here is the 4th car it is a 

161 Mitzi Gallant.

Displaying 20160430_151238.jpg

Here is the last car It is a 

Xj40 Jaguar.

Displaying 20160430_151233.jpg

Thanks for coming back to my blog see ya next time.

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