Saturday, July 29, 2017

Holiday Blog Post

My Holiday Blog Post😃

Hello✋ and welcome back to my blog today I will be teling you about my holiday Story.

A couple of weeks ago before the holidays my dad was putting the top part of the roof on his shed and it fell strait down onto the tramp and made a huge hole in it.My mum look on trade me for a new tramp net and she found one in Auckland for only $100 she asked if they could send it to Hastings and they did.

During the holidays it arrived and when she was unfolding the net a Lizard jumped out she lucky grabbed it and put it into a fish tank there was no water tho.I came out and saw it I loved it I looked up little brown new Zealand Lizards and I found out that he was a common Skink. I found out what he eats and gave him them.Also I named him Draco.

Here is a Photo of Draco.🦎

Thanks for reading my Holiday story Bye!!!✋

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